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Hey guys,

I know it's been a long while. The past 2 years have been full of events. I'm 22 now Aaaaah !!

I'm starting in September my 5th year of University studies. I hope it will be the last. I'm studying about Web culture, design and development. I really enjoy this Master. Hopefully I'll get a good job after all these studies ahah.

As for the artistic side, I joined the fanzine Pandaka !!
(dA : PandakaStudio  & Facebook : Pandaka.Studio )
We had a booth during Japan Expo in the begining of July. This convention was so cool and fun. I really enjoyed it. Met awesome people (the list is way too long so I'll just say Thank you, to all the people I had the pleasure to meet !) Well, it was really rewarding. I can't wait to go there again !

And to finish this quick Journal, I'll talk about a new blog we created with my dear friend Youfity :iconyoufity:
It's entitled [SILLY LIKE US]
Our goal is to update it weekly with a new theme, with new drawings. You can propose your own themes here Ask Us !
We'll try our best to keep the rhythm ~
I hope you'll enjoy it !

Anyway, Have a nice day y'all !
See you soon ~
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Hey folks !

I decided to draw daily sketches until Christmas night ! (:
My own version of the Advent Calendar, minus chocolate. (I don't like chocolate ... ahah, don't throw rocks at me.)

I'm posting a new sketch everyday on my Tumblr
I hope you'll enjoy this daily event ~

See you soon, and have a nice month of December.
(Exams await me bouhouhou ...)

ps: features on my previous journal are still opened :9
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Hey folks !
It's been a while huh ?

I'm here to tell you about the requests I opened a moment ago on my Tumblr !
All the info are >HERE< !

I'll choose the 10 most inspiring, so do not hesitate to throw me an idea ! (:
it can be anything (except nsfw ...)

See ya guys !



Rules are simple :

1. The first 10 persons who comment on this journal will have 3 features ! (I can add more of course)
2. Then you do the same on your journal with me in the first place ;D (if you want ...)
3. Enjoy! \o/

:icondaymdel: 1 - 2 - 3

:iconnephyla: 1 - 2 - 3

:iconpuckboum: 1 - 2 - 3
bright colors, magnificient OCs, hair styles ~

|:. 1 :iconseiirei: 1 -2 - 3
Awesome atmospheres and "des traits partout" ♥
|:. 2 :iconshakui-chan: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4
Layton ♥, her gorgeous watercolors and noses/hair ~
|:. 3  :iconfoyaland: 1 - 2 - 3
Cute characters ad watercolors !
|:. 4 :iconlulutsfactory: 1 - 2 - 3
Funny Style ! Catchy ~
|:. 5 :iconcajochu: 1 - 2 - 3
Her watercolor skills are awesome, I love her OCs, many couples uhuh ♥
|:. 6
|:. 7
|:. 8
|:. 9
|:. 10
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Yup, I still have time <D

I wish you all a happy new year !
Hoping everything will be alright for you (:

It's no time for me to take resolutions ... I just want to manage to find a great art school, live happily and continue to make cool meetings with awesome people ! \o/

I'll try to create a Portfolio too ... Never Give up !
ps : I never refuse help ahah


Now the Features ! They are still open if you want !
I've been featured by Nephyla and dayMdel a while ago and now by the kind puckboum
(But I'm sorry, I don't have subs so I can't do thumbnails ;_; )

Rules are simple :

1. The first 10 persons who comment on this journal will have 3 features ! (I can add more of course)
2. Then you do the same on your journal with me in the first place ;D (if you want ...)
3. Enjoy! \o/

:icondaymdel: - -

:iconnephyla:… - -…

:iconpuckboum: - -
bright colors, magnificient OCs, hair styles ~

|:. 1 :iconseiirei: - -
Awesome atmospheres and "des traits partout" ♥
|:. 2 :iconshakui-chan: -… -… -…
Layton ♥, her gorgeous watercolors and noses/hair ~
|:. 3  :iconfoyaland: - -
Cute characters ad watercolors !
|:. 4
|:. 5
|:. 6
|:. 7
|:. 8
|:. 9
|:. 10

See ya !
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That's holiday Baby !

Yup, I passed my exam ! o/

I leave for the French Riviera/Côte d'Azur tomorrow morning !
And I'll return in August.

So I won't see you so much guys 'cause I won't have internet there ... But I promess I'll come back with loooots of drawings, sketches, stuff to fill my gallery and my Livejournal. (yeah it's dying out there.)

And I'm gonna post my Japan Expo report when I'll be back :]
I had a great time there, and the fanzines I read were really ... Hilarious !
Plus I want to show you the awesome sketches I got. For information, my theme this year was "Supergirl" (not especially THE supergirl from Superman comics)

Anyway, See ya folks,
Enjoy your holidays !

* *
* * *
Check out our awesome matching icons !
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Well Hi there,

On friday I'll go to the Japan Expo (french con') as a visitor with some friends, I hope it's gonna be awesome !
I'll be dressed as a Sailor with my awesome hat !
I can't wait to see all the new fanzines and goodies. There is always nice people to meet :]

In other news :

   |:. I got a new haircut o/
   |:. On next tuesday I'll know if I pass my final exam or not ...
   |:. During July I'll not have the internet, that'll give me a reason to draw even more ~
   |:. I dunno if next year i'll be learning English History/Grammar and all or Art and Multimedia at University .. I must wait.

I made a list of Characters I wanna draw during these 2 months :

- Wanda & Isaac (my OCs)
- Electre (Myst-A's OC)
- Panty & Stocking (& Chuck)
- Cirno - Touhou
- Menma - Ano Hana
- Pokémon Trainers B/W

From DC Comics :
- Supergirl
- Wonderwoman
- Terra
- Catwoman

From Marvel :
- Kitty pride
- Rogue
- Psylocke
- Jubilee
- Emma Frost

Yeah, that's a lot of girls, if you have any idea for male character, tell me !
And I also must fill 2 sketchbooks, another of my objectives ~

See ya Folks !
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Ok guys,

Be careful on dA cause, I've just been hacked ! D:
Some journals entries have been created and they were titled "AHAHAHA", "OMG" "LMAO"

'cause you'll be hacked too !

Oh and btw, my exams start tomorrow ... I'm now ready o/ *sob*

I'll give you some news after, about Japan Expo and plans for my holidays ~

See you soon ! (:
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I'm re-opening free sketch :]
This time, it'll be Five Slots !

I'd like to draw some ... Situations ! Something that move C:
I mean, not only character who's making the pose, but you can include one of your OC or a description of some unknow character if you find it will fit with the situation you first described  :]
Not doing Fanart : D

.: | :iconmashimaraux:: - DONE… Some character spellcasting ~
.: | :iconshakui-chan: - DONE… Layton falling down holding some books, got hurt D: !
.: | :iconpharan: - Anne (bad) cooking, smoke in the kitchen
.: | :iconflyninette: - Yuui freefalling, surrounded by clocks, watches and all ...
.: | :iconmat-el-tea: - DONE… Wilkinson throwing some razors as ninja's shuriken

It's not gonna be "first come, first served", I would choose the request that inspire me the most !
The principal "goal" for me is to improve my brain to imagine a lot :T

Edit : Made my choices ! :]
I'll do these fast. That's my goal !
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Hey folks ~
Hoping you're well :]

Now that my free sketches are finished ... I'm lack of inspiration, or whatever you call it. D:
The majority says : ARTBLOCK
But this is not like I can't draw anymore, just, I have no idea what to ink on my sheet of paper.

Thus ... I'm looking for Memes !
(I should have been doing my english gothic essay instead of this journal ...)
Not memes that are like this… but more like that on…
You see the difference ?

Since I don't have a bag except my school bag ... I'm not doin' the precede one :T

If you know some, please tell me, I'll be very grateful ! :]

Btw, :iconangiecolourdreamer: tagged me,  like we said :0

the rules are in french ... and I wrote in french for this meme too.

1- Postez ces règles.
2- Écrivez 8 choses à propos de vous.
3- Une fois cela fait, tagguez à votre tours 8 deviants et affichez leurs icônes sur le journal.
4- Allez sur leur page d'accueil pour leur signifier la bonne nouvelle.
5- Vous ne pouvez tagguer celui ou celle qui vous a taggué.

o    Je pense que je m'excuse trop souvent... pour un rien.
o    Se confier, c'pas dans mes habitudes, mais en même temps je n'arrive pas a voir le coté "in" ou "cool" a se confier a pleins de gens. C'est vrai, qui sait où peut atterrir ce que vous avez dit a un tel ?  
o    J'ai une vision très, voir même trop, idyllique de l'avenir ... Alors bien même que je suis consciente que rien ne peut être prévu à l'avance de ce niveau-ci
o    Ma passion pour la guitare se renforce de jours en jours !
o    J'aime les Super Héros o/ D'ailleurs je suis pressée d'être Septembre pour voir la 10e saison de Smallville !
o    A cause de cette passion pour les surhommes à cape, je crois que dans ma classe certains garçons me trouve très bizarre.
o    J'espère que les vacances d'été se passerons bien, j'adore cette saison et en plus je vais travailler :]
o    Je n'aime pas le chocolat : D

DONE /o/

I'd like to do some collab' ... see if I have time in summer holiday ~
Also must draw a lot of things like cards and so, for Tramway Fanzine, wer're probably gonna be at Paris Manga on September :]

See ya Guys !

Oh and tell me what was the last meal you have ate ! : D
( Japanese instant Noodles, Shrimps flavor <: )
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Happy New Year to all of you !!
Hoping this year will be yours, let's make it as great as possible o/

If I'm still here on dA it's beacause ...
I love you all >w< ♥

Two free sketch to finish and I'll be done :]
Sorry for the time I spend on these free sketch ;_;


01- :iconmat-el-tea: [She likes Dog] DONE…
02- :iconyoufyti: [Ester] DONE…
03- :iconponiepon: [Something about stars] DONE…
04- :iconsunshu: [Sunshu's Face] DONE…
05- :iconponiepon: [ Elena, her OC] DONE…
06- :iconmashimaraux: [Twin_Wanda] DONE…
07- :iconresosphere: [Sadako, her OC] DONE…
08- :iconlolliaelegant: [Her avatar… ] DONE…
09- :iconshakui-chan: [Layton, her OC… ] DONE…
10- :iconjaydehei: [Unmei, his OC… ]
one more ~
11- :iconlifter-of-the-ban: [LuLu, her OC… ] DONE…
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Hey !

So, where to begin ?

I know I'm still full of free sketches to finish

and I apologize for being so slow, but I am not someone quick ._.)
I will do my best to be ble to finish well and quickly!
They are all already started, but I don't like to draw pictures of bad quality in trying to urge me
so please, still be a little more patient

Forgive me, Thanks C:


01- :iconmat-el-tea: [She likes Dog] DONE…
02- :iconyoufyti: [Ester] DONE…
03- :iconponiepon: [Something about stars] DONE…
04- :iconsunshu: [Sunshu's Face] DONE…
05- :iconponiepon: [ Elena, her OC] DONE…
06- :iconmashimaraux: [Twin_Wanda] DONE…
07- :iconresosphere: [Sadako, her OC] DONE…
08- :iconlolliaelegant: [Her avatar… ]
09- :iconshakui-chan: [Layton, her OC… ]
10- :iconjaydehei: [Unmei, his OC… ]
one more ~
11- :iconlifter-of-the-ban: [LuLu, her OC… ]

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I found this meme ... everywhere so ~

✖ Your name?
Kya  ! o/
Mélissa :]

✖ If possible, your age?
16, 2 April

✖ When did you start drawing?
Uhn ... maybe when I was 10 I started to draw for me, I mean, first with fanart etc ... :]

✖ Which hand do you use for drawing?
right hand o_

✖ Which is easier to draw - male or female?
For me it's female, and I have to practice for male ;A;

✖ Which is easier to draw - long hair or short hair?
I don't know, maybe short hait, it's easier for me to give'em movement or this kind of things ~

✖ Is it easier to draw the head facing towards the right or the left?
The left, I think it's because i'm drawing with my right hand xD

✖ Is it easier to draw the side view of the face or the front view?
Both ...

✖ What do you have problems in drawing?
perspective, hands, feet, eyes, muscles ... so many things D:

✖ What do you like to draw?
what a question ... really dunno ~

✖ Are you a traditional artist or a digital artist?
Traditional o/
I s*ck at using my tablet ... CG is HELL !!!

✖ Where do you start drawing from?
The head, and after a quick sketch of the body's structure
when I start the clothes, face, eyes and hair are already done :]

✖ What is your drawing habit that you are aware of?
all my characters have rebel hair xD

✖ Any tips for coloring/shading?
Noes, sorry

✖ How long does it take to finish a piece of art?
uhn ... it could be 30 minutes or 4 hours ... u_u

✖ What music do you listen to while you draw?
Elctro/rock. It gives me energy to draw XD

✖ How long does it take you to come up with an idea?
A second or 30 minutes ... uhuh

✖ Your favorite drawing utensils?
Mechanical pencil and Brush pen ♥

✖ Your favorite color/the color that you use a lot?
Orange and blue ?

✖ Your favorite style(s)?
Too difficult to answer D: !!
Comics, cartoon, Manga Rofl

✖ What kind of artist are you aiming for?
Comics artists are so awesome o/

✖ Thank you. Now please fill in the next columns by writing the names of the artists that match the criteria. Artists tagged must fill in this baton. (But if you've been tagged once or twice already, it's optional)
Too long ...
:iconadamhughes: :iconduss005: :iconendling: :iconrennerei:
and i'm stoping here ...


01- :iconmat-el-tea: [She likes Dog] DONE…
02- :iconyoufyti: [Ester] DONE…
03- :iconponiepon: [Something about stars] DONE…
04- :iconsunshu: [Sunshu's Face] DONE…
05- :iconponiepon: [ Elena, her OC] DONE…
06- :iconmashimaraux: [Twin_Wanda] DONE…
07- :iconresosphere: [Sadako, her OC] DONE…
08- :iconlolliaelegant: [Her avatar… ]
09- :iconshakui-chan: [Layton, her OC… ]
10- :iconjaydehei: [Unmei, his OC… ]
one more ~
11- :iconlifter-of-the-ban: [LuLu, her OC… ]


Tramway Fanzine o/
Site : Forum:

:iconmaximh: :icondopedcatz: :iconlina01: :iconwavenwater: :iconshiva-anarion: :iconcajochu: :iconmayku: :iconlumosita: :iconjinxedjinx: :iconkuro-mai: :iconpharan: :iconlan-nhi: :iconkya-san:

Lulu &n…
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Tumblr :

MAJ 31.10

Hi Folks ~

I'm opening Free Sketch o/

yes because, I have already draw or have an idea for drawings I had to do ( english fail D: )

For me, a free sketch is a drawing only done with pencil.
You give me a theme, and I'll draw something about it (:

I'll do only 10 free sketch so,
If you want one, you just have to comment on this journal or send me a note :]

01- :iconmat-el-tea: [She likes Dog] DONE…
02- :iconyoufyti: [Ester] DONE…
03- :iconponiepon: [Something about stars] DONE…
04- :iconsunshu: [Sunshu's Face] DONE…
05- :iconponiepon: [ Elena, her OC]
06- :iconmashimaraux: [Twin_Wanda] DONE…
07- :iconresosphere: [Sadako, her OC] DONE…
08- :iconlolliaelegant: [Her avatar… ]
09- :iconshakui-chan: [Layton, her OC… ]
10- :iconjaydehei: [Unmei, his OC… ]
one more ~
11- :iconlifter-of-the-ban: [LuLu, her OC… ]

Tramway Fanzine o/
Site : Forum:

:iconmaximh: :icondopedcatz: :iconlina01: :iconwavenwater: :iconshiva-anarion: :iconcajochu: :iconmayku: :iconlumosita: :iconjinxedjinx: :iconkuro-mai: :iconpharan: :iconlan-nhi: :iconkya-san:

Lulu  Kirira

See Ya o/
Hello !

I'm finishing all your commission this Week (: !!
I hope you'll like them x)
And if you don't, I'm gonna make other ones !!! C:

See you soon at Japan expo o/
Hi there !

I know I didn't update often on DA, but I'm not too good at it ._.)
Let's say that ...

So, the Japan expo, in france, is comming soon /o/
this will take place on 2,3,4,5 July in Parc d'exposition de Paris-nord Villepinte

I'll be there with some people from the french fanzine Tramway!
but only on thursday 2nd July
I can't wait for this x)

By the way, I thought starting commissions for this occasion though I would be there only one day.
It is rather for french people.
( oh mon dieu I s*ck in english ;_; )

I don't have prices but it'll be between € 1 and € 4.
If you're interested, send me a note C:

Forget all that and talk about the fanzine, yes 'cause I don't like talk about prices on my drawings ... I think they're not worth much.

So, The team in full
:iconmaximh: :icondopedcatz: :iconlina01: :iconwavenwater: :iconshiva-anarion: :iconcajochu: :iconmayku: :iconlumosita: :iconjinxedjinx: :iconkuro-mai: :iconpharan: :iconlan-nhi: :iconkya-san: Lulu &n…

Hihi, just for fun

That's all folks /o/

.... Comissions ....

I can do what you want like, sketches, black'n white, color with Copics or Watercolor.
Fanarts or Artworks.
Comic, Manga or Whatever ~

Haley & Léa / Color

Circus-Macabre / Color

Cute things  / Color
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:star:[TRAMWAY FANZINE] :star:

Lil' Edit ---


Since Last may I'm in the french fanzine Tramway !
It's a real pleasure to be in this fanzine
So I give you the members of this society *x*

:iconmaximh: :icondopedcatz: :iconlina01: :iconshinaa: :iconsabiryuuji: :iconshiva-anarion: :iconwavenwater: :iconyakimochi: :iconlumosita: :iconkuro-mai:

The Website is
And The Forum…

See Ya ! o/
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